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Al-Ahrar Teaching Hospital was opened in 2006 and is located in Zagazig, in the southeast of the city of Zagazig. It is located on an area of fourteen acres (13,600 square meters), which was joined to The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes on 12/2015. Al-Ahrar Hospital serves the residents of the Sharkia Governorate, the eastern Delta governorates, the Canal and Sinai governorates, where it receives emergency, serious and transferred cases, especially cases of intensive care, neurosurgery and multiple injuries. Al Ahrar Hospital consists of 4 buildings: 1- The main building consists of seven floors 2- Outpatient clinics building 3- Administrative building 4- Oncology building and linear accelerator (under construction).






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Emergency Services

The department serves the equivalent of 220,000 cases per year, as the department includes doctors of all specialties and a highly skilled and experienced nursing staff in dealing with difficult cases.

Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Intermediate care units

The intensive care includes 33 beds consisting of internal care, heart care, open heart care, in addition to emergency care, as well as 5 intermediate intensive care beds that were within the development plan. The service is provided under the supervision of consultants, specialists and medical staff with experience in dealing with all critical cases of all ages.


The department works to receive emergency cases of children that need care according to the assessment of the situation, whether by hospitalization or follow-up in outpatient clinics, in addition to the presence of 11 pediatric intensive care beds and a nursery section at the highest level.

Outpatient clinics

It includes all medical specialties and includes 28 outpatient clinics, where the outpatient clinics receive a large number of patients, ranging about 190,000 patients annually. The clinics include a laboratory and a pharmacy to provide services to patients.

Operations rooms

The hospital includes 19 operating rooms, including 4 emergency and reception operating rooms, and 15 rooms for all operations that represent brain, neurosurgery, orthopedics, open-heart surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and general and specialized surgeries.

Corona virus vaccinations

The hospital provides vaccinations for the emerging corona virus.


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Orthopedic department

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Ear , Nose and Throat (E.N.T)

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neonatal department


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