Internal medicine

1- The Department of Internal Medicine provides various services represented in the Internal Medicine Clinic and the Internal Medicine Department by entering and treating any patient who enters the department for treatment and the necessary analysis, and the presence of moderate care that leads to the expansion of services within the Internal Medicine Department.

2- Conducting lectures and courses for internal medicine specialists, resident representatives, fellowship and privilege, in order to increase the scientific level of physicians

3- Entry of diabetics in the diabetes unit and its clinic of a special nature of multiplicity of all specialties that participate in the treatment of the patient or complications of diabetes such as (diabetes clinic, ophthalmology clinic, heart clinic, echocardiography, rheumatism and rehabilitation, radiology and Doppler, therapeutic nutrition and vascular unit)

4- The Internal Medicine Department participates in the number of emergency cases and its reception

5- The doctors of the internal medicine department participate in the treatment system for Corona in the second sorting and isolation