Modern equipment:

- Installing a mammography device in the women's health unit
- A 16-slice CT scan device has been allocated in the emergency ward and a sonar device inside an emergency room, in addition to a regular x-ray device as a unit for x-rays inside the emergency room.
Fifth floor of the main building
The operations of the fifth floor were developed and provided with 2 operating rooms for the nose and ear department and 1 room for the maxillofacial department.
- He also made 3 operating rooms for the ophthalmology department and equipped it with the latest capabilities and the latest CT scan equipment, sonar and lens sizes to provide new services that did not exist before
- A sugar unit has been established at the highest level equipped with all specialties, which is unique in the Sharkia Governorate
The Internal Medicine Department, on the fifth floor, was developed, with 18 beds, and a medium internal care unit was added, with 5 beds.
Sixth floor of the main building
It was modernized, developed, restored to the original, and completely maintained (electricity, plumbing and paint works) in preparation for work in accordance with the hospital plan.
- Increasing the efficiency of the fire system
- Raising the efficiency of the gas network on the sixth floor
- A place is being prepared for the work of the oncology department at the highest level and the supply of a radiotherapy device (paced accelerator). Construction of an intravenous feeding room (dangerous and non-hazardous) is underway
gas network:
The hospital was provided with a 10,000 oxygen tank to serve corona patients, in addition to the existing tank